Simplicity Itself partners with a variety of technology vendors and specialist providers

Adaptos - Effective Learning

Adaptive Learning from Adaptos provides training that fits around the way you work with courses that are tailored to the needs of individuals and organisations.
Simplicity Itself partners with Adaptos to deliver training in Microservices, Continuous Delivery, Event Architectures and Cloud Native systems.

Skills Matter

Simplicity Itself works closely with Skillsmatter on a variety of subjects. We deliver training courses in cloud native and microservices. We inspired and continue to arrange the muCon Microservices conference and Skillsmatter host the Microservices User Group which we founded and continue to run


Weaveworks is the software company that develops Weave – the most productive way for developers to connect, observe and control Docker containers. Simplicity Itself partners with Weave on delivery projects, research and community engagement.


Simplicity Itself collaborates with various technology teams in Sky on Microservices technologies and platforms.

Idyllic Software

Idyllic is a Ruby, Node and Microservices devliery company based in Pune, India. Simplicity Itself collaborates with Idyllic to provide full Microservices based system delivery.

1060 Research Inc.

The 1060 team created and implemented the Resource Oriented Computing model. A model which, in the NetKernel family of products has been well proven, in over 10-years of production systems in demanding industry sectors ranging from Telecoms, Insurance, Banking and Defence.


Pivotal is a leading provider of cloud native platforms and big data solutions. They maintain the Spring family of products. Simplicity Itself partners with Pivotal to provide training across their product portfolio