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Simplicity Itself and Idyllic Software announce Partnership

2018-07-01, London, UK

Simplicity Itself, global leader in Microservices architectures and Data Science platforms, announces a wide ranging partnership with Idyllic Software, high quality software delivery specialists and Microservices based delivery experts. Together, Simplicity Itself and Idyllic present a cutting edge delivery team, education provider and an accessible pool of deep architectural knowledge in Microservices and Data Science.

David Dawson, CEO at Simplicity Itself said of the new partnership: "We offer our clients the real benefits of the Microservice + Data Science approach. Actionable Intelligience, agility as a company and the ability to move as fast as they need to. In Idyllic, we have found kindred spirits, thoughtful and highly skilled, and our partnership enables us to apply these benefits to the largest of enterprise microservice projects and to do so with guaranteed quality".

Siddharth Ravichandran, VP Engineering at Idyllic Software, said of the partnership "We believe that microservices is more than just a buzz word. It's a philosophical approach towards building and maintaining systems that offers true agility. High growth companies and startups both value and need this and we're here to advise our clients in building systems the right way. With Simplicity Itself we found an expert to guide us in embracing microservices, allowing us to learn and grow from the experiences of thought leaders in the space. The partnership is a paradigm shift in our approach to building software systems"

Along with partnering on delivering Enterprise Microservice and Data Science projects, Idyllic and Simplicity Itself have agreed to pool their open source development and investments in the Microservice space. Early projects will be based around the Simplicity Itself Muon Microservice middleware and Photon Event Data Fabric  which will be publicly released in Q3 2018.


For more information, contact Simplicity Itself at https://www.simplicityitself.com/#contactus

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