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Adopting Groovy and Grails for Ellucian Banner

Hundreds of Universities across the world use Banner® from Ellucian as their central Student Information System and academic ERP. It is a battle tested, extensible and well understood system with a long pedigree.

Banner is undergoing a large scale upgrade by Ellucian using the industry leading Groovy and Grails technologies for rapid application development. As part of the Banner XE initiative, modules have now been released for Banner 9 fully rewritten in Grails and more are in the pipeline to be delivered in the near future.

Technical teams need to bring their skills into line with Groovy and Grails, take advantage of the new opportunities these new and powerful technologies provide. To make best use of these technologies, changes to the development process and development tooling are needed.

Adopting a new technology stack with such a different set of concepts, tooling and operational needs can be intimidating for a team.

At Simplicity Itself, we are here to help.

We are very well known in the Groovy and Grails community, speaking at conferences, running user groups and and contributing to the core technologies.

Using our industry leading Adaptive Learning framework we bring you learning at the pace of the individual members of the team, not packaged up in 4 or 5 day slices that are convenient for the trainer.

We understand your specific needs and how to address them across the broad swathe of technologies and techniques that they will need to make best use of the opportunity afforded by the additional Grails modules

Adaptive Learning is a framework of tools and techniques that we have developed over years to reinforce learning, make it more efficient and constantly adapt to the pace of the learners. Read More

Learning Path

Your needs are unique, however the majority of Universities undergoing a Banner re-implementation or upgrade that we have worked with have common needs.

Coming from a background using Oracle Forms, PL/SQL, PHP or ColdFusion.

To adopt Banner XE, you will need :-

  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Java and Groovy
  • Grails
  • REST Web Services
  • HTML5/ CSS
  • Javascript and JQuery
  • AngularJS
  • Selenium/ Geb
  • Git


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