Microservices promotion on social networks: YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, and its features

Microservices or Microservice architecture is a term being grown up from the previous few years. This term is being used to describe the specific method of designing and deploying software applications. According to this term, different software applications can be deployed as suits of independent services. Keep in mind that yet at present you are not able to describe a proper or precise definition for this style of architecture, but there exist some common characteristics around organizations and business capabilities which can provide the services like automated deployment, decentralized control of data and different languages and intelligence. You can get the complete knowledge about this from SocialBoss.

What Microservices actually mean?

If you are unaware of the term microservices then following description of microservices may be helpful for you. Many software development companies are using this style of software architecture and are developing successful software applications. For many software development organizations, this style of architecture is becoming more popular and organizations are adopting this software architecture technique as their default technique for building enterprise software applications.

If you want to know about the meaning of microservices in little words, then keep in mind that the “Microservices architectural style for software development is an approach being used to develop a single software application as a case of small services. Each of these services is running in the own process and communicating with a lightweight mechanism. These services are specially built according to the capabilities of a business and are deployable independently by fully automated machinery. Management of these services is bare and minimum centralized. These independent and decentralized management services may be written in different programming languages and using different technologies of data storage.”

Best features of the microservices architecture

If you want to know about the best features of microservices architectural style then following features can be the best answer to your question:

  1. Due to microservices architectural style in software development, it has become possible to handle any component of software independently, for software developers it has become easier to replace or upgrade a specific service of software separately.
  2. Due to microservices architectural style, every component of the software is being organized around the business capabilities.
  3. It is possible to organize decentralized data management and storage management with microservices architectural style.

Microservices promotion on social networks

Use of different social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are becoming much popular for marketing your services or products. There can be several different tactics that you can adapt to promote your brand or services on different social media platform to boost your business. If you are thinking about why it is better to use social media platforms to grow your business or brand, then you have to know the fact that social media platforms are actively being used by millions of people each day that is why chances of success of any marketing campaign through these platforms are higher.

Microservices promotions through Facebook

Facebook is the most popular used social network. So, promotion through Facebook can be beneficial for you because it will help you to reach a large number of audience.

You can promote your services by:

  • Creating a page on Facebook
  • Add the required information about your services
  • Upload interesting information or tell the benefits of your services
  • Announce special offers to keep your followers engaged

Microservices promotions through YouTube

You can use YouTube for the promotion of your business or services. You can run a YouTube ad for your services. Or the best way to promote through YouTube is to create your own channel and make videos of your services and upload them with proper tags.

Microservices promotions through Instagram

Instagram is the most popular platform which is based on visual content. If you want to promote your services on Instagram, then the best way is to make your content (videos and images) well descriptive that can convey the purpose and benefits of your services easily. To upload introductory videos for your services with the use of proper hashtags can be beneficial for you.

Microservices is currently a new term in the crowd of software architecture. But this architecture style in the development of software applications is making the software systems more appealing each day.

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